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Share the Opportunity Overview

​How do you talk about the business opportunity? Let’s learn how to talk to people without spamming them or making them feel uncomfortable. Instead let’s learn how to get people excited. This will help you launch your first 3-4 builders and jumpstart your success.​

  1. You had 10 Wellness Consults, now what?

  2. Bringing up the business and the script

  3. Utilizing the 3-Way Call or "Game Plan Call"

  4. Creating your builder list

  5. Next Goal - Time to Plan!

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1. You had 10+ Wellness Consults, now what?

Time to Review and Perfect

At this point you have hopefully completed Wellness Consults (Lifestyle Overviews) with at least 75% of your enrollments.  It is time to sit down, look at your results and see where you have strengths and weaknesses.


Remember whatever your outcome, you need to celebrate your wins here. This is the step where you will perfect or improve their approach. 


Let’s look at your results from your Wellness Consults so far:

How many enrollments so far? 

How many have you completed Wellness Consults with?

How many got on LRP (Loyalty Rewards)?  


Strengths and Weaknesses  

After looking at your results, what do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses, and what would you like to focus on?

Go over these with your Mentor:




Now that you defined your strengths and weaknesses dive into the weakness. For instance, if booking Wellness Consults was hard for you, work on the script you will use to book these appointments at the time of enrollment. If getting people on LRP was hard, focus on how you are explaining LRP and what you are doing at that point in the Wellness Consult. Go back and practice. You've got this!

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2. Bringing up the Business

(and the script)

Business Conversation Steps to follow:


  1. Use the "Bringing Up the Business" script to contact them and set up a time to discuss the business

  2. When you meet, use the script to explain the business

  3.  If they want to know more you have two options:

  • Set up a 3-Way Call with them, you and your Mentor/Upline

  • Start them in this "Launch Your Business Training

NOTE: The ideal time to bring up the Business Opportunity is at the end of a Wellness Consult/Lifestyle Overview

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3. Utilizing the 3-Way Call or "Game Plan Call"

Have you been talking to someone about the business but they still want more information? They still aren’t sure if this is right for them?  Setting up an introduction call with them and your Mentor/Upline  is the perfect way to get to know them better and find out if this is the right fit for them. This is a 3-way phone call between your potential builder, your Mentor/Upline and you.


What you will do is, simply just coordinate the phone call, your Mentor/Upline does all the talking! Your job is to get everyone on the phone together, introduce your Mentor/Upline to your potential builder, “edify” your mentor, and your mentor will take it from there!  ​See 3-Way Call Script below.

CHALLENGE: Make a list of 5 people (you think would be great at this business or who has expressed interest in this business) and set up a 3-Way Call with them and your Mentor/Upline. 

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4. Creating Your Builder List

Go back to your list of 100 and use the 7 leader qualities to grade the people on your list. Write the top 5 people down.  Work with your mentor on possibly setting up a 3-Way call with them or creating a strategy about how to talk with them about the business.
7 Leader Qualities
Here are some qualities/traits/demographics you can look for in people that you know or meet. These have been shown to be qualities in the majority of the top leaders. They are not necessities but a good guideline.
  1. Females ages 35-55

  2. Into natural health

  3. Have a supportive partner

  4. Have the need for money

  5. Entrepreneur spirit/driven

  6. Influential

  7. Willing to grow and develop

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5. Next Goal - Time to Plan!

Plan for Success

Great, let’s plan for your next goal!


Create the next piece of your growth plan. Let's evaluate. Did you accomplish your first goal? 


What is your next goal? - Look back on your 60 and 90 day objectives/goals.

How many one-on-ones/classes are needed to accomplish your next goal?  Again, break down the math of how many appointments or events need to be booked in order to reach your goal. As we mentioned earlier, always double the necessary amount, to compensate for any classes that cancel and/or change. If you have this expectation from the beginning you will have success at a very fast rate.                                                                                       

Use the "Next Goal Worksheet" to create a list of people you will complete Wellness Consults with as well as people to contact in order to continue to book one-on-ones and classes using your scripts. Review with your Mentor.

Congratulations on completing the "Launch Your Business" Training!

Once you have completed the basics, continue practicing and perfecting what you have learned. Also, continue working with your Mentor. As you become more knowledgable and comfortable you will begin to make the scripts your own and tweak them to suit you!

Be sure to check out our additional Business Builder Resources section. Here you will find inspiration and many, many resources that will come in handy along the way. 

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