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Today we will cover Oregano essential oil, the last oil in this particular education series.  We have come a long way!  Oregano is an oil to always keep “in stock”.  When you need it, you NEED it!
Meet Catherine Henderson!
Head over to doTERRA’s YouTube Channel for more benefits and uses of Oregano essential oil!
Want even more info on Oregano? Click here to learn more!
Did you know you can cook with your essential oils??  They are very potent and add such delicious flavor! Today Rachael Manning will walk you through a few recipes and give you some “essential” tips about cooking with oils.
Meet Rachael Manning!

Many of you have probably thought about additional items you want to try in the future, so as we approach the end of our Essential Oil Schoolhouse we want to make sure you know how to reorder when you are ready. Specifically, we want you to know about the Loyalty Rewards Program! This is the most cost effective way to get oils if doTERRA is going to be a regular part of your healthy lifestyle going forward. Check out this video explaining the Loyalty Rewards Program. If you aren’t sure how to reorder on your account, check in with the person who enrolled you and they will walk you through getting your order set up. Whether you want to place a one-time order, or set up a monthly order that is fully customizable. You will want the best deal possible!

NOTE: The video talks about signing up as a Wellness Advocate. If you’re here in our Essential Oil Schoolhouse, then you likely have already signed up as either a Wellness Advocate or a Wholesale Customer. (If not, you will want to follow-up with the person who introduced you to doTERRA.) Regardless of which account type you signed up for, you are already eligible for all of the perks discussed in the video! (The option to sign up as a Wholesale Customer is very recent, which is why you don't hear it referenced in this video. doTERRA is in the process of updating all of their training materials.)


Today your challenge has three simple parts.

Part 1: The first is simply to use a drop of oregano (diluted) on the bottom of your feet for powerful antioxidant benefits!

Now, for Parts 2 and 3, we want you to get connected to doTERRA Corporate for more oil education, great giveaways and deals, and more information about what the company is up to around the world!


Part 2: Download the doTERRA Daily Drop app. This great, FREE resource provides you with a bite-sized dose of daily education, one new video a day for 30 days! This is a fantastic way to continue your essential oil education now that you’ve completed EO Schoolhouse.  Click the "Daily Drop"image below to get started! 

Screenshot 2019-11-18 18.28.34.png

Part 3: Pick the Social platforms you like or use the most, choose at least 1  and like/subscribe/follow doTERRA and get the latest on new oils, new products, education, events, etc. 

Find the links by clicking on the icons below. 

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