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Essential Oil Research & Science

Essential Oil Research & Science

Oil Chemistry Wheel:

Essential Oil

Chemistry Handbook:

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The doTERRA Oil Chemistry Wheel is a tool designed to help individuals better understand the chemistry behind essential oils. In understanding the basic chemistry of each oil, individuals can more fully understand when and how to use the oils to achieve a desired benefit.

The doTERRA Oil Chemistry Handbook is a reference that will give you the information and the intellectual tools you need in order to understand how to use essential oils effectively based on their chemical properties. By understanding the fundamentals of oil chemistry, you can begin to classify oils by their chemical properties. This will help you learn which oils might have applications in different daily life contexts and how they work.

Unique Character of

Essential Oils:

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Volatility- Essential oils are unique and elegantly functional because they contain a mixture of highly volatile components.

Synergy- Another key to essential oil chemistry lies in the delicate balance of components. A drop of essential oil is like a snapshot of the plant’s unique makeup and environment.

Adaptiveness- Humans evolved with plants. Our physical makeup is based on the same organic molecules. We’re subject to similar environmental stressors. 

EO on a Cellular Level:

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Oil Quality Control:

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Here is an exclusive look into doTERRA’s quality control warehouse to see what happens to essential oils from the time they reach the warehouse to the time they are ready to be sold.

Research on the

Importance of Concentration:

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Tracing Science at doTERRA:

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doTERRA’s 10 years of progress, we have made several landmarks that impacted our field and set us apart as leaders in essential oil science. Whether you’ve been with us through the years or are just joining our global community, you may be surprised to learn how much goes on behind the scenes in doTERRA Science.

Research News:

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doTERRA keeps on updated page of recent and past research on essential oils.

Reliable Sources for EO Research:

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 At doTERRA, we encourage the use of scientific research to validate the proper use of essential oils. Here is a list of reliable sources that you can use to educate yourself on the biological activity of essential oils.

Research on Health & Wellness:

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Scientifically substantiated habits and products to reach your wellness goals.

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