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Wellness Lifestyle:

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Empowered Life Series: Live an Active Lifestyle

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Living an active lifestyle is an important part of maintaining overall wellness. Learn how Ange Peters and Olympian Akwasi Frimpong use doTERRA to support an active lifestyle and get tips on how you can do the same.

Empowered Life Series: Daily Lifestyle Habits

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Wellness is a lifestyle and your daily habits make all the difference. In this series of presentations Kim Camuso, Michelle Cannon, and Audra Robinson explain the habits they have developed to support their health each day. 

Empowered Life Series: Healthy Hearts

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Empowered Life Series: Daily Wellness

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Get to the heart of things with this webinar. In addition to sharing healthy heart habits, we discussed keeping your emotions and relationships healthy too. Listen to Dr. Riggs, Marcy Snodgrass, and Dana Moore as they share their insight on healthy hearts.

Yoga and Essential Oils:

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Yoga combines postures, meditation, breathing exercises, and deep relaxation for a holistic approach to wellbeing.

It’s time to get back to the basics. We want to help by showing you the foundational products for building a wellness lifestyle. Laura Jacobs, Dr. Zia Nix, Emili Whitney, and Audra Robinson will walk you through the regimens they use daily and help you establish new, healthy habits. 

Six More Tips for Boosting Your Energy:

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Inspired by the Living magazine article, 10 Tips for Boosting Your Energy, we have put together even more tips to help you maximize your time and make living life joyful again.

Essential Oils for Athletes:

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Regardless of if you’re playing a sport professionally or staying fit as part of a healthy lifestyle, essential oils are the natural route to taking care of your body as an athlete. 

Healthy Body, Healthy Weight:

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Nobody becomes healthy or lose weight overnight, but when you are trying to improve little by little, essential oils like doTERRA On Guard and Slim & Sassy can make these health goals seem a little more attainable. 

Give Your Body What it Needs:

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The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is the gift of good health. While unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances arise, there is so much we can do to honor and respect our bodies by taking care of ourselves. We know that living with gratitude each day can lead to a happier life, and that includes having gratitude for our bodies by protecting, nourishing, and caring for them.

Wellness for $20 or Less:

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When you’re starting out with essential oils, the potential impact they could have on your overall health and wellness is exciting. Both Wholesale Customers and Wellness Advocates can enjoy any of these oils for $20 or less.

Nine Ways to De-Stress

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Managing a lot of daily stress comes down to some simple and quick solutions listed below. While this list is not comprehensive, it is a start in helping you identify ways to help yourself. 

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