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Welcome to our Essential Oil Schoolhouse! We're excited to have you here! You're going to love the practical tips and advice we share with you in the coming two weeks.

To kick off, start by watching this welcome message by Blue Diamond Leader, Tonya McBride.

Meet some of our Team Leaders and hear their stories! In this series, you will receive video coaching from several different Essential Oil Educators and Leaders. These ladies are such a valuable resource to you!

Meet Team Leader, Audree Lee

Meet Team Leader, Rachael Manning

Meet Team Leader, Melanie DeCuir

Meet Team Leader, Lynette Aluoch

Meet Team Leader, Diana Alward

Meet Team Leader, Kelli Hamilton

Meet Team Leader, Carma Brown

Daily Challenge:  Today, your challenge is simply to open your bottle of On Guard, put a drop in your hands, and cup your hands over your nose and mouth. Take 4-5 slow, deep breaths and enjoy that beautiful aroma while giving your immune system a boost.

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