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Hello! Hopefully you enjoyed your On Guard Essential oil in yesterday’s Daily Challenge!

What exactly are essential oils?  Watch this video to find out.

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We also want to help you understand CPTG and what that really means. Many people have tried other brands of essential oils here and there​ but often come to the conclusion that oils don't work. When you come upon this with your friends and family, having some background info about WHY dōTERRA oils work so well is important so that you can encourage your loved ones to give essential oils another try! We don't want anyone to miss out on the amazing benefits of essential oils simply because they tried the wrong kind. Check out this video to see the lengths dōTERRA goes to ensure the quality and potency of our oils!

The question, “Which diffuser is right for me?” inevitably comes up as people begin using oils. It’s a great question! Having the right diffuser for your room space can make all the difference in the aroma, but also the effects that you receive. Check out this diffuser comparison chart. Among other features, it lists the square footage each diffuser will cover. Very helpful! Many people have just one diffuser when they start, but after becoming a regular oil user, you will probably find you start accumulating one for every room of your house!


Meet Sheila White!


Today's challenge:

Find out why quality testing really matters!

What is GCMS?

How do you know for sure that an oil is both pure and potent?

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