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Hey Everyone! Today’s oil is On Guard. This oil is a lifesaver! Check out this video by Wellness Advocate, Kayla Whiteaker!
Meet Kayla!
Check out On Guard on doTERRA’s YouTube Channel!
Want even more info on On Guard?  Here is the Product Information Page (PIP) for On Guard. 
Check out this short video found on doTERRA's YouTube Channel.
Find out more about doTERRA's incredible On Guard Product line!

For your daily challenge, in addition to using On Guard on the bottom of your feet (or in your diffuser), today take a look at the rest of the On Guard Collection from doTERRA.  What products do you already use and love?  What products do you think you will try in the future?

You can find information on the On Guard Collection by clicking on the button below!  Just remember to order these through your Wholesale Account as a Loyalty Rewards Order (LRP) to get the best price! 

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