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Today we are talking about two of doTERRA’s best-selling products: Deep Blue and Lifelong Vitality. We have honestly seen these two products change people’s lives.  Not just once or twice…it happens ALL THE TIME.   Watch the videos to learn more about these two powerhouse products!
Meet Tyna Barzee!
Take a look at Deep Blue on doTERRA’s YouTube Channel.  Have you tried any variation of Deep Blue yet?  What has it done for you?
Want even more info on Deep Blue? Click the here:
Your DIY today is a really wonderful blend to help alleviate sore, tired muscles and joints.  You’re going to love this magical little roller bottle!
Meet Banica Crockett!
Today for your daily challenge, check out this very special "Empowered Life Series" on Cellular Vitality and Energy. 
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