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Today we're going to talk LEMON OIL!!!  If you don't love lemon oil, it's probably because you haven't opened the bottle yet. ;)  This oil is A-MAZING and it’s pretty much one oil most use every day.  We can't wait to hear some of YOUR ideas about how you use lemon! 
Meet Heather Shaffer!
Here is the link to the Lemon article in the Spring 2015 Living Magazine that was mentioned in the video. The article is on page 10, but if you want to learn more about Co-Impact Sourcing and doTERRA’s partnership with the growers of our lemon oil, start on page 8!

You know the drill…

Let’s head over to doTERRA’s YouTube Channel and learn some additional uses and benefits of Lemon.

An important note about citrus oils is that they are photosensitive…that means that if you use citrus oils topically, you will want to avoid direct sun exposure for about 12 hours afterward. You can get a sunburn if you apply citrus oils topically and then expose that skin to sunlight or tanning beds. 

Did you know you can almost clean your entire house with Lemon Essential Oil?
Meet Nancy Cutcliff!
You really can do so much with Lemon essential oil. Purify oil blend is another great essential oil to make fridge refreshers with! The recipe calls for Purify, but I love to make lemon refreshers. So many fun choices! Check out these great recipes below!

Daily Challenge Time!  

1. Try drinking 1-2 drops of lemon oil in your water at least once today. Consider trying the hot lemon water routine in the morning!

2. Talk to us about one way you plan to incorporate lemon oil into your cleaning routine!

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