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How is your wellness routine going? Are you enjoying starting (and expanding) new daily habits? Today we’re going to talk about one of the most popular oils, Breathe!
Meet Ryoko Suzuki!
Can anyone guess what’s next?? ;)  That's right, hop on over to doTERRA's YouTube Channel to learn more about the uses and benefits of Breathe.
Want even more info on Breathe? Check out this next link to learn more!
Today we are going to teach you how to use Breathe oil in a homemade soothing salve to promote feelings of clear breathing!
This recipe base is for a salve that can be used for a variety of things. For different purposes, simply substitute different oils! If your current oil supply is limited to what comes in one of our basic starter kits, start with a salve made with Breathe (15 drops) and Frankincense (10 drops) in place of the other oils the recipe calls for.

For today’s challenge, simply pick one new way to use Breathe oil and do it!

(Suggestion: Leave a bottle of Breathe oil in you shower.  Once the water is nice and hot, put a drop of Breathe oil on the floor of the shower just past the edge of the water spray.  Then take several deep breaths as it steams up, allowing your lungs to expand fully and really "wake up".  It's a fantastic way to start the day!)

Ready for your EXTRA-MILER Challenges??


Challenge Option #1: Find a DIY recipe of your own and make it (could be food, dryer balls, spa products, whatever you want!) 

Challenge Option #2: Watch this EXCELLENT video (6:35 minutes) In this video, hear world respected health and wellness expert, Dr Axe explain why he loves doTERRA's Life Long Vitality Pack so much and how it can support you and your family. 

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