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Support Your Customers Overview

Review and perfect. We will be looking back at your first

10 interactions and troubleshoot as well as perfect. You will be learning how to support the people you have enrolled in this section.

  1. You had 10+ sales conversations, now what?

  2. How to follow up with those you have enrolled

  3. How to do a Wellness Consult

  4. Next Goal-Time to Plan

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1. You had 10+ sales conversations, now what?

Time to Review and Perfect

At this point you have hopefully had  around 10 interactions or more. It is time to sit down, look at your results and

see where you have strengths and weakness’s. 


*Remember whatever your outcome you need to celebrate your wins here! If you met 10 people and no one enrolled you need to focus  on how exciting it is that 10 people met with you. Stay positive!!!! This is the step where you will perfect or improve your approach. 


Let’s look at your results from your conversations.

 How many people did you meet with?

How many enrollments so far? 

What was your average sale? 


Strengths and Weaknesses  

After looking at your results, what do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses, and what would you like to focus on?

Go over these with your Mentor:




Now that you defined your strengths and weaknesses dive into the weakness. For instance, if your closing percentage is low, begin working on improving your close. If you are having trouble booking appointments, practice different scripts for booking. You've got this!

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2. How to Follow-up With Those You Have Enrolled

It is crucial to your success when you enroll someone, that you stay organized and fully support them through this journey. This will lead to increased customer retention, eventually leading to increased income.


Below you will find a printable Enrollment Tracker. This tracker can be used to stay organized and ensure you don’t miss any steps with any of your enrollments.

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3. How to do Wellness Consult

(a.k.a. "Lifestyle Overview" or "Membership Overview"

Now that you have enrolled your first people you need to learn how to do a wellness consult with them. Below you will find the wellness consult form. You will use this when going through the wellness consult (also called "Lifestyle Overview" or "Membership Overview". This is a great place for your new enrollment to take notes and stay organized.


Bonus Tip: It is recommended you don’t use the term “Wellness Consult” with your new enrollment...after all before you were doing this business did you know what a Wellness Consult was?


*Instead of trying to name it something, simply explain to your enrollment what you will be doing in this meeting, see below script for a great example.

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4. Next Goal - Time to Plan!

Plan for Success

Great, let’s plan for your next goal!


Create the next piece of your growth plan. Let's evaluate. Did you accomplish your first goal? 


What is your next goal? - Look back on your 60 and 90 day objectives/goals.

How many one-on-ones/classes are needed to accomplish your next goal?  Again, break down the math of how many appointments or events need to be booked in order to reach your goal. As we mentioned earlier, always double the necessary amount, to compensate for any classes that cancel and/or change. If you have this expectation from the beginning you will have success at a very fast rate.                                                                                       

Use the "Next Goal Worksheet" to create a list of people you will complete Wellness Consults with as well as people to contact in order to continue to book one-on-ones and classes using your scripts. Review with your Mentor.

Ready to move on to Section 4?

Let's go!

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