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1.  Become a "Product of the Product"

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Learning and using your doTERRA essential oils and product is imperative to putting passion behind growing your business. The product truly sells itself once people experience the unmatched potency, purity, and quality!
You may already have this part mastered, but if not or if you just want a review, go to the LEARN OILS section, found here.
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2. Mentor Call

First, who is your mentor? Your mentor is usually your Sponsor. This is often the person who enrolled you or the person you are directly under.  On rare occasion, if you do not have an active upline, it can be someone higher in your upline or even someone crossline. 

What is a mentor call? Many times people are intimidated by getting started with a mentor call and

we totally understand that. Here is what we want you to think of when we talk about mentor calls.

  • A designated 30 minute time slot for you to talk to your mentor

  • A time to set goals and create a plan

  • A time to ask any questions you may have


This time is about you, your goals and needs. To keep your mentor calls on track we have set up a series of simple questions that you will answer prior to your call. You can either email or text your answers each week to your mentor so you have an outline to go over on the call. This helps you both to use your time efficiently. During these calls, it is important to find a quiet space, be prepared, and be logged into your back office on your computer.


Here are the questions:


Weekly Questionnaire: Answer these questions and send them to your Mentor prior to the call.

  1. Biggest Win

  2. Biggest Challenge

  3. Three Highest Priorities for this week

  4. Is there anyone you have enrolled that you need place/move

  5. Questions you want to go over

Priority Action Step:

Schedule with your Mentor the recurring  day of the week and time you will call your mentor. 
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3. Tap In

With your Mentor's help, get tapped in to your support resources. 

Tap in! Get connected! Stay connected!

What does "Tap in" mean?

This simply means getting connected to support!  Support comes in many different forms, such as:

  • Team Calls

  • Facebook Groups

  • Training Events 

  • Corporate Events

Take EVERY opportunity possible to TAP IN! This will be your fuel! Without fuel, your engine will quit running. 

Priority Action Step:

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4. Setting Up Loyalty Rewards Order (LRP)

It's likely that you are already receiving the awesome benefits of Loyalty Rewards by now. But, just in case you haven't yet, click the button below to learn everything you need to know about LRP. 

Before you begin hosting classes, one-on-ones,  and enrolling your friends and family, you will want to make sure you set up your Loyalty Rewards Program order (LRP for short) to 100+pv so that you can earn commissions. Please note, that you will want to make sure you keep this LRP set to 100pv or more at ALL times, 24/7/365 to ensure you don't miss out on any income. 


ALWAYS save your order at 100pv or more so that you never lost out on any commissions.

Loyalty Rewards
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5. How to Enroll Someone


  1. Go to my website [insert your personal website link here for]

  2. Click "JOIN & SAVE"

  3. Click "JOIN DOTERRA"

  4. Select your preferred language & country > Continue.

  5. Decide if you want to be a Wholesale Customer (25% off all products) or Wellness Advocate (25% off all products + ability to earn commissions) > Continue.

  6. Enter in your personal information, create a password for your account, and continue.

  7. Select your enrollment kit and add on any items you wish to purchase > Continue.

  8. Enter in your billing information > Continue. 

  9. Ta-dah! You're all set! Your oils are on their way!

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6. Accountability Tracker

This is an important tool in building your doTERRA business. Just like any job we need to hold ourselves accountable and be able to track where we are in our business. We need to know what is working and what is not working. You will see on the next page (accountability tracker) where we set goals for each week and we track our progress to see how we are doing. Your goal isn’t to get the highest total possible, your goal is to match your expectations. For instance, if you say you would  like to make five new contacts, that is how many you should strive to have by the end of the week. Each person’s goals will be different and that is ok.


It helps to block off your calendar at the beginning of the week. Start by blocking off the absolute musts, doctors appointments, picking up the kids, Karate practice etc. Then self care, yoga, pilates, walk etc. Then you block off the times you can fit in your doTERRA business. Once you have those times blocked off you will be able to write them down in the top right corner.

These are some of the areas you will be working on.


  • Personal empowerment means taking care of yourself, a long bath, meditating, yoga, running, really whatever fills your cup.

  • Personal Development is more about reading or listening to books or audio that will help you grow as a person and/or grow in this business.


  • Being the Starfish - Neal Anderson

  • You are a Badass - Jen Sincero

  • The Big Leap - Gay Hendricks

  • Go Pro - Eric Worre

  • Get Over Your Damn Self - Romi Neustadt



  • Journaling can be done in the morning or evening. Take five minutes to brain dump everything that is on your mind, don’t worry this is a safe place, no one, including you have to go back and read it. A great way to end your journaling, is by writing two sentences or more on what you are grateful for. It is scientifically proven to make you a happier more fulfilled person.

Company Education

  • Business Training 

  • Product Training

  • Training Events

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7. Tools

doTERRA has incredible tools to aid us in building our businesses. The EMPOWERED SUCCESS TOOLS create a great visual share when educating others, whether it be on essential oils, product, or the business opportunity. Learn more, in detail, about these awesome tools on, under "Our Advocates" or click the button below. 

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