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We are so excited that you've made the decision to build a business with doTERRA! We are sure that this business will help you tap into your great purpose, develop you as a leader and as a person, and reward you financially in ways you didn't even think possible. Below you will find our simple, proven method to launch your business from the ground up.


During this 4-part training we will teach you the basics to hit the ground running, to feel confident talking to people about doTERRA and getting started with essentials oils. We will teach you step by step how to grow your business and reach the level of success you are striving for! Everything you need IS RIGHT HERE!

To launch your business successfully, you will systematically go through this four part training with your mentor. Now take a deep breath, this isn’t a race and can be done at any pace. Our team is one of support and encouragement. You are in the right place to grow and prosper as a person. Welcome and enjoy the journey!

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